Messin´with the simple mind
first minivideo.

first minivideo.

See ImplodeX´s mini movies at Youtube or Bittube. Mostly in Swedish but a new miniseries is being developed right now in english. Here’s the description used:

In this series of short videos you’ll be introduced to a different perspective on a broad range of topics.

Be it racism, sex, climate, politics, technology, drugs, art, extremism, religion, conspiracies, philosophy or cheese..

Anything that messes with your conventional way of thinking.

These videos are cut down versions of the original source to get you interested in finding out more.

There will be a link in the description to the original content.

This is ImplodeX tips for great and not so great content on Youtube and elsewhere.

ImplodeX may or may not agree with what is presented but thinks it is interesting enough to look in to deeper.

So get your tinfoil hats on folks. Down the rabbit hole we go..

Have fun, hope it messes with your mind - simple or not - in a good way of course..


If there’s something that you feel is missing here, a certain color, t-shirt or other thing we should produce, please let us know in the comments.

Again, welcome all freedom loving people..

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